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Date: 4th March 2010

Author: Rucci

Category: FM2010, Utilities

Download: FM2010 FMRTE (11.2MB) 9584 downloads

Description: An in-game editor. Current version is v3.0.231.

Football Manager Real Time Editor is an in-game editor available for Football Manager 2010. FMRTE allows you to edit a number of things which include: Player’s attributes, Personal Information, CA/PA, Positions, Club Information such as Stadium, Reputation and Finances.

v3.0.231 is compatible with:

- Football Manager 2010 Demo (all versions)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.0.1 80381 – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84702 – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84847 – STEAM)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84667 – Digital Download)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 – STEAM)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 – Digital Download)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 – STEAM)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 – Digital Download)
- Football Manager 2010 ( – STEAM Version)
- Football Manager 2010 ( – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 ( – DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 ( – Digital Download)
- Football Manager 2010 ( – Digital Download)


- At this moment FMRTE is not compatible with any version of WSM, but may be in the future.
The first installer version (as of version 200), it will detect if you need the .NET Framework 3.5SP1 (and redirect you to the framework download page).
- Sometimes you may not be able to create any new Relation/Clausule, FMRTE knows how many Relations/Clausules you can create, and when you cannot create it will hide you the “New Relation/Clausule” button. (USE this feature carefully)


There is an error in the Language file, i’ve forgot to change the game version to 10.3.0 , so when FMRTE cannot detect your game version and asks you to select your game version, when you see
“FM 2010 – (STEAM Version with Patch 3)” it means “FM 2010 – (STEAM Version with Patch 3)”
“FM 2010 – (DVD Version with Patch 3)” it means “FM 2010 – Version with Patch 3)”
“FM 2010 – (Digital Download with Patch 3)” it means “FM 2010 – Download with Patch 3)”


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is required to use FMRTE, as it will NOT work without it. You will also need a tool such as WinRAR to extract the .rar archive of this download.

Users playing FM with the 2nd Patch, as the FM build number is the same for the 3 types of FM (DVD, Steam, Digital Download), you will have to select your own version the first time you press the Load Button, FMRTE will save your choice and will use it everytime you load it, so if you for some reason select the wrong version, FMRTE wont work, you will have to delete the “config.xml” file (it’s inside FMRTE folder) to make FMRTE show you all versions again.

Languages Included:

- Deutsch
- Dutch
- English
- Polish
- Thai


Ruci for the data editor and Kjell-Jostein for helping with the steam version, and DrBernhard too.

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