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Date: 3rd December 2009

Author: FM Scout

Category: FM2010, Utilities

Download: Scout / Editor Framework 2010 (601KB) 192 downloads

Description: Make your own FMScout / FMEditor. Current version is 1.1.2.

Created by Dr.Bernard and ruci.

Ever wanted to build your own FMScout, FMRTE? Ever wanted to do crazy stuff to the ingame database, but no button in FMRTE which provided the function? Now you can build everything you want on your own!

This is a framework for developers only! Please read the tutorial.

After the tremendous success of last years project, there is a new version of the FM Scout/Editor Framework. FMSE can be and is used to create scouts and editors for Football Manager 2010 by using any .Net language! The framework is just a single ready-to-use assembly, which can be included in any .Net project (both Visual Basic and C#). The Framework gives you the ability to query the database using LINQ, make changes to the game’s objects, and produce your own personalized scout or editor!

The framework has extended since last year, which means: more properties to play with and way better speed!

The framework is fully opensource, feel free to contribute! (Google code link below)

Key features

* Query the ingame database
* Find players, clubs, staff, cities, continents, stadiums, teams, etc.
* Make realtime changes to the in-memory database
* Create complex filters
* Get the active player, and show his stats immediately
* Perform batch operations on a whole bunch of persons
* Used (partly) by FMScout, FMRTE, MiniSE and many more
* Driven by the community

New additions

* Advanced caching to optimize speed
* Rating system based on Genie’s

What do I need?

If you are making an editor, or you only want to get the Active Player or something, use ‘new FMContext(DatabaseModeEnum.Realtime)’.

If you are making a scout, and want massive performance when searching; ratings etc, use ‘new FMContext(DatabaseModeEnum.Cached)’; don’t forget to download FMSE.Utils, as this will give you a free ratings system.

- Realtime mode, loads extremely fast (within a second on almost every game). Queries will take quite a while. Possible to edit things!

- Cached mode, loads quite fast (200.000 person db, 13 sec, + 2 sec for ratings). Queries perform almost always under the 100 ms. Not possible to edit things!

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